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Natl TA Collective Profile PicWE ARE TEACHING ARTISTS.

Working in myriad settings to make the arts accessible to all

Born out of the vision of Eric Booth, incubated by working groups at the National Guild for Community Arts Education 2013 & 2014 Conferences in Chicago and Los Angeles, and led by professionals in our field from all over the country (and beyond), these four innovative projects have come together under one umbrella to collectively push the field of teaching artistry to the next level.

1. The Teaching Artist’s Asset Map

Teaching Artists Guild is building an interactive asset map of the field of teaching artistry. The purpose of this map is to articulate and deepen our collective understanding of the field as well as document and promote the valuable and often underrepresented good work being done by Teaching Artists and our advocates.

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2. The Teaching Artist Career Pathways Tool

The Teaching Artist Pathways Tool or (TAP Tool) is a graphic mapping tool in which teaching artists can chart their career – past, present, and future.  It will serve as a mechanism to provide information for people to better learn how to enter the field of teaching artistry.

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3. The Teaching Artist Ecosystem Rubric

Teaching Artist Ecosystem is a project focused on the development of a rubric communities will be able to use to assess the overall health of their teaching artist ecosystem. In addition to an assessment tool, this rubric will help communities identify gaps in their support of teaching artists and outline goals for strategically increasing their support.

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4. Lincoln Center Education

Building on their highly lauded National Teaching Artists Training Program, Lincoln Center is developing a Teaching Artists Certification Process as well as an international Teaching Artist Global Exchange Program.

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