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Welcome to the TAG Member Center, providing you the services you need to support your personal and professional health as a Teaching Artist!  TAG’s Membership Program emerged from a 3-year study focused on exactly what Teaching Artists need to build and sustain this important work.  With this Membership Program, TAG is emerging as the first of its kind professional association dedicated to Teaching Artists. If you are already signed in as a member, you can explore the various benefits and perks that come with your membership, below.

Free Members

Your next job is waiting! Browse the ultimate Teaching Artist job board, here.
Free members have access to the member directory and the option to create and fill-out a member profile for themselves. This is a great way to increase your visibility in the teaching artist community, and a great way to connect with other members!
Our resource center is packed full of great resources… but some resources are too good to give away free.
We are working on a one-of-a-kind asset map that will connect the field and give us all a picture of our collective impact. Add yourself to the map here!
It’s so nice to connect with other people who get you. We host in-person meetup events and workshops every-so-often to keep us all connected and build a stronger network. Check out our upcoming events here.

Premium Members

Premium members also get a FREE Fractured Atlas membership for a year. (AND 50% off dues after that!) Fractured Atlas is a technology company that provides awesome resources for artists, including: insurance, fundraising software, CRM, events, and ticketing software.

Sign in to your premium TAG membership, and then a special link will appear below that will lead you to the Fractured Atlas sign-up page where you can claim your year of free membership.

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We’ve got our premium members covered. Find just the right kind of coverage through our insurance providers for members.

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The Careington Card is one of the most powerful resources we offer to our members. It allows you to save major $ on dental, vision, and other essentials. View more details about the Careington card here. Add a Careington Card to your membership today!
Promote yourself as a teaching artist with your very own website. Premium members get a 10% discount on Squarespace website services.

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AND CO helps you run your business more efficiently. Strong contracts, task management, time tracking and invoicing save time, and ultimately, help you make more money

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Org. Members

Find top teaching-artist talent! Our jobs board is the most-visited page of our website. Post a job today.
You’ve got an event you want teaching artists to attend? Perfect. We’ve got a place for you to post it.
You want your teaching artists to be able to live their best lives. We help you help them. Sponsor your teaching artists TAG memberships at a reduced rate.

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New member benefit! TAG Members are entitled to a free Fractured Atlas membership.
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