Atlantica Rising


On January 11, 2024, the gaming world welcomed Atlantica Rising, the latest server from Atlantica Online Rebirth, marking a significant milestone for fans of the legendary tactical 3D MMORPG. Developed by NDOORS Corporation and operated by Lytogame in Indonesia, Atlantica Rising promises an immersive and enhanced gaming experience, complete with new features, events, and rewards designed to captivate both veteran and new players.

Game Overview

Atlantica Rising builds upon the rich legacy of Atlantica Online, a game renowned for its unique blend of turn-based strategy and MMORPG elements. Set in a fantasy-themed alternate history Earth, the game features a diverse mix of historical, cultural, and mythological elements. Players embark on epic quests, recruit mercenaries, and engage in strategic battles against a variety of formidable foes.

New Features and Enhancements

Atlantica Rising introduces several new features aimed at enhancing the player experience. One of the most notable additions is the Fame Point Ranking System, which rewards players based on their in-game fame points. This feature encourages competitive play and offers a range of rewards, including valuable in-game items and recognition on the official website.

To celebrate the launch, Atlantica Rising hosted a series of events from January 11 to February 4, 2024. These events included The Lucky Level and Atlantica NewBorn, offering special rewards for players who reached specific milestones. For example, players who reached level 120 during the event period were eligible for special in-game rewards and even a grand prize—an iPhone 15​​.

Community Engagement and Events

Atlantica Rising has also placed a strong emphasis on community engagement. The launch events were designed to foster a sense of camaraderie and competition among players. The Lucky Level event rewarded the top 150 players who reached level 120 with exclusive in-game items, while Atlantica NewBorn offered special rewards to the first 200 players who logged in for at least 70 hours and reached level 100 during the event period.

In addition to these events, Atlantica Rising has announced a series of ongoing community-focused initiatives. These include regular in-game events, competitions, and content updates aimed at keeping the community engaged and invested in the game. The developers have committed to listening to player feedback and continuously improving the game based on community input​.

Technical and Gameplay Improvements

Atlantica Rising has introduced several technical and gameplay improvements to enhance the overall player experience. The game boasts improved graphics and a more streamlined user interface, making it more accessible to new players while still offering depth and complexity for veteran players. Additionally, the game has seen improvements in server stability and performance, ensuring a smoother and more enjoyable gaming experience.

The developers have also introduced new mercenaries and quests, expanding the game’s content and providing players with fresh challenges and opportunities for exploration. These additions have been well-received by the community, which has praised the game for its continued commitment to providing high-quality content and engaging gameplay​.

Future Outlook and Expectations

The launch of Atlantica Rising marks a new chapter in the storied history of Atlantica Online. With its blend of new features, community-focused events, and technical improvements, the game is poised to attract a new generation of players while retaining its dedicated fanbase. The developers have outlined a roadmap for 2024 that includes further content updates, new events, and ongoing improvements based on player feedback.

The game’s success will largely depend on its ability to maintain a vibrant and engaged community. The developers have shown a strong commitment to this goal, with plans for regular updates and community events aimed at keeping players invested in the game. As Atlantica Rising continues to evolve, it is expected to remain a prominent player in the MMORPG landscape, offering a unique and compelling gaming experience for players around the world​​.


Atlantica Rising has made a significant impact on the MMORPG community with its launch, bringing fresh excitement and new opportunities for players. With a strong focus on community engagement, technical improvements, and a wealth of new content, the game is well-positioned to thrive in the competitive world of online gaming. As the developers continue to innovate and expand the game’s offerings, Atlantica Rising is set to become a cornerstone of the MMORPG genre, captivating players with its strategic depth and immersive world.